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Technical Articles

Model A Mechanical Spark Advance - by Willie Priaulx, Feb 2018

Replacement Ignition Coil - by Willie Priaulx, Jan 2019

6V and 12V Alternator Repair -  by Willie Priaulx, Nov 2019

Model A Front End Alignment - by Willie Priaulx, Jun 2020

Head Torque, Gap and Capacity Information - Added Jun 2020

Stalls at a Stop by Tom Endy -  Added Jun 2021

Diagnosing a Weak Spark or No Spark condition - by Willie Priaulx, Sep 2021

Model A Lubrication Chart - Added Mar 2022

LED Flashers -  by Willie Priaulx, Sep 2022

Control Rod Installation - Contributed by Bill Magers, Nov 2022

Understanding Spark Advance - by Willie Priaulx, Jan 2023

Two-Piece Crankshaft Pulleys - by Willie Priaulx, Apr 2023

Distributor Lubrication -  by Willie Priaulx, Jul 2023

K&N Air Filter and Airway - by Willie Priaulx, Sep 2023

Rear End Gear Ratios Q&A -  by Willie Priaulx, Dec 2023
Zenith Passageway Cleaning - by Tom Endy, Restorer Magazine Sep-Oct 2011
Zenith Jet Size / Flow Rate - by Willie Priaulx, Feb 2024
Model A Production Engine Number Lookup - Added May 2024
How to Identify the Year of a Model A Ford - by Rick Black, Oct 2018
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